English Description: Cooking Oil
Arabic Description: زيت للقلي
Cooking Oil
Arabic (Oman)
English Description: Hotel room
Arabic (Oman) Description: غرفة فندق
Hotel room
Chinese (Mandarin)
English Description: Ngong Ping Cable Car Crystal Cabin
Simplified Chinese: ángpíng lǎnchē shuǐjīng chēxiāng 昂坪缆车水晶车厢
Pinyin Romanization: ángpíng lǎnchē shuǐjīng chēxiāng
Ngong Ping Cable Car Crystal Cabin
ESL (Great Britain)
ESL (Great Britain) Description: bus stop
bus stop
ESL (North America)
ESL (North America) Description: hot tub
hot tub
French (Canada)
English Description: subway / metro platform
French (Canada) Description: le quai de métro
subway / metro platform
French (France)
English Description: profiteroles
French (France) Description: les profiteroles (
English Description: Leopoldskron palace (Salzburg) (setting in The Sound of Music)
German Description: das Schloss Leopoldskron
Leopoldskron palace (Salzburg) (setting in The Sound of Music)
English Description: Home telephone
Italian Description: Il telefono
Home telephone
English Description: cemetery
Japanese Description: Bochi 墓地(ぼち)
Rōmaji: Bochi
English Description: Puppet theater
Russian Description: Театр марионеток
Puppet theater
Spanish (Central America & Caribbean)
English Description: tomato paste
Spanish (Central America & Caribbean) Description: la pasta de tomate
tomato paste
Spanish (Mexico)
English Description: piggy banks
Spanish (Mexico) Description: las alcancias
piggy banks
Spanish (Peninsular)
English Description: tourist information
Spanish (Peninsular) Description: la información turística
tourist information
Spanish (Southern Cone)
English Description: fire fighting equipment
Spanish (Southern Cone) Description: el equipo de bomberos
fire fighting equipment
Special Collections
English Description: horse
Ukrainian Description: кінь
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