English Description: Old Lantern
Arabic Description: مصباح قديم
Old Lantern
Arabic (Oman)
English Description: Salad
Arabic (Oman) Description: سلطة
Chinese (Mandarin)
English Description: Water feature plant room. No Entry
Simplified Chinese: shuǐjǐng jīfáng jìnzhǐ rùnèi 水景机房禁止入内
Pinyin Romanization: shuǐjǐng jīfáng jìnzhǐ rùnèi
Water feature plant room. No Entry
ESL (Great Britain)
ESL (Great Britain) Description: The Courtald Gallery
The Courtald Gallery
ESL (North America)
ESL (North America) Description: chicken cutlets
chicken cutlets
French (Canada)
English Description: the fire station
French (Canada) Description: la caserne des pompiers
the fire station
French (France)
English Description: door handle
French (France) Description: la poignée de porte
door handle
English Description: water kettle
German Description: der Wasserkocher
water kettle
English Description: Street Signs
Italian Description: La SEgnaletica
Street Signs
English Description: Bicycle Store
Japanese Description: Jitensha-ten 自転車店 (じてんしゃてん)
Rōmaji: Jitensha-ten
Bicycle Store
English Description: Kite
Russian Description: воздушный змей
Spanish (Central America & Caribbean)
English Description: altar
Spanish (Central America & Caribbean) Description: el altar
Spanish (Mexico)
English Description: 2nd floor
Spanish (Mexico) Description: el segundo piso
2nd floor
Spanish (Peninsular)
English Description: scaffolding
Spanish (Peninsular) Description: el andamio
Spanish (Southern Cone)
English Description: maximum height
Spanish (Southern Cone) Description: la altura máxima
maximum height
Special Collections
English Description: soldier
Ukrainian Description: військовий
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