English Description: Medical Mask
Arabic Description: قناع طبي
Medical Mask
Arabic (Oman)
English Description: sugar
Arabic (Oman) Description: سكر
Chinese (Mandarin)
English Description: pork with green pepper
Simplified Chinese: qīngjiāo ròusī 青椒肉丝
Pinyin Romanization: qīngjiāo ròusī
pork with green pepper
ESL (Great Britain)
ESL (Great Britain) Description: Wine store
Wine store
ESL (North America)
ESL (North America) Description: creamer
French (Canada)
English Description: maple-sugar shack
French (Canada) Description: la sucrerie
maple-sugar shack
French (France)
English Description: sandbox
French (France) Description: le bac de sable
English Description: grotto
German Description: die Grotte
English Description: Dairy products
Italian Description: I latticini
Dairy products
English Description: Bus
Japanese Description: Basu バス
Rōmaji: Basu
English Description: Moscow zoo
Russian Description: Московский зоопарк
Moscow zoo
Spanish (Central America & Caribbean)
English Description: specials
Spanish (Central America & Caribbean) Description: los especiales
Spanish (Mexico)
English Description: microwave
Spanish (Mexico) Description: el microhornos
Spanish (Peninsular)
English Description: Roman ruins
Spanish (Peninsular) Description: las ruinas romanas
Roman ruins
Spanish (Southern Cone)
English Description: pizza
Spanish (Southern Cone) Description: la pizza
Special Collections
Long live the third communist internationale
English Description: canned corn
Ukrainian Description: кукурудза консервована
canned corn
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Ohio Buckeye in Pennsylvania

Posted 3 days ago
Tagged: buckeye.

City Life

Posted 10 days ago
Tagged: nyc, new york.

Please enter

Posted 18 days ago1 note
Tagged: entrance, Eingang.


Posted 19 days ago
Tagged: jfk, aa.

Cold beer

Posted 21 days ago
Tagged: beer, pivo, pirosmami.


Posted 22 days ago

Small Georgian bakery

Posted 23 days ago
Tagged: bread, Tbilisi.

City museum

Posted 27 days ago1 note


Posted 29 days ago1 note

The mistress drinks, so does the master, the soldier drinks, so does the cleric, that man drinks, that woman drinks, the servant drinks with the maid, the fast man drinks, so does the slow, the white man drinks, so does the black, the stay-at-home drinks, so does the wanderer, the fool drinks, so does the scholar.

Posted 1 month ago
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